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1. Tell us why you’re a FREAK like us from F is For…!

I’m a Freak because I’m not scared to be as crazy as I am and as weird as I am, because I am who I am and God created me for me, so I’m happy to be a Freak.

2. Is this your first time at Coachella?

This is actually my second time at Coachella. Coachella is honestly the most amazing weekend ever, I have so much fun. This weekend I’m attending all the events, all the parties, I was just at Revolve last night and some other events. And then I’m going to the actual Coachella Festival for weekend 2, so I’m super excited and I can’t wait to have so much fun!

3. Have you ever been to Rome? If it were a color, which color would it be?

I have never been to Rome, I would honestly LOVE to go there, I think It’s SO beautiful. The color that represents Rome to me is probably like a peachy color, kinda like this dress!

4. What’s your favorite dance genre?

My favorite dance genre is definitely hip-hop because that’s what I do most, but I also love contemporary. With hip-hop I love to be sharp and hard, but with contemporary is very smooth and a way to express your movements through dance.

5. What’s freedom for you?

Freedom to me is just being yourself and not caring what people think of you. Being happy with who you are, being loving towards yourself and just, being strong and powerful and just living life.



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