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We had the chance to chill at our Palm Springs Villa with the hottest DJ duo from the Bronx, The Martinez Brothers.
They’re not only talented but also sassy, witty and freakishly funny.

Check out the full interview here.

1. Hi, tell us why you’re a FREAK like us from F is For…!

Chris: Why I’m a freak? OMG, I’m a Scorpio! That’s, like, self-explanatory.
Steve: And I’m a Virgo, we’re like hidden freaks, you know what I mean? Like, ‘hush’. Plus, we lived 6 months in Ibiza so, that’s just it.
Chris: Yeah, a Scorpio, a Virgo and Ibiza. Now THAT’S it.

2. Best song to start the day?

Chris: Anything Michael Jackson.
Steve: YEAH! Pick one. Salsa and Michael!

3. Freestyle or fixed?

Both: Freestyle! Always freestyle.
Chris: Anything, just go.
Steve: (starting to improvise) My name is Steve, not Eve.
Chris: My name is Chris…
Steve: ‘bout to diss!

4. Have you ever been to Rome? If it were a color, which color would it be?

Chris: Red yo! That pasta, yo!
Steve: Bolognese!
Chris: Yeah, that white, green and red. All of them, altogether. They make one color.
Steve: Pomodoro!

5. Any dream collaborations?

Chris: That’s a good question right there… (thinks for a few seconds) …Kanye West cos we already have like 50 beats for him.
Steve: Yeah, we have beats for Kanye, he just doesn’t know it yet.
Chris: Yeah, I’m just saying. Kanye we’re waiting for you. Also, Willie Colón. He’s a famous, famous salsa producer. He’s from the Bronx as well, so.

6. What’s freedom for you?

Steve: Just being able to do what you want.
Chris: And being able to sleep at night, you know what I’m saying? I’d like to say I can sleep good, if you can sleep good at night, then you’re free.

7. F is For…?

Chris: Fendi, man! Come on.


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